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Used Guns 
The selection of used guns varry on a weekly basis. These are just a sample of what is currenly in stock.
As I am a 1911 fan, I have in stock several used 1911/1911A1 style pistols. I have Colt, Springfield Armory, and USGI pistols. Call if you are looking for a used 1911/1911A1. Some are as manufactured and some have been customized. 

Prices start at $399 for imports to over $2000 for collectable USGI and other pistols. 
Surplus Model 91/30 bolt action rifles in 7.62x54R. These come with original bayonets. Some have HEX receivers. Prices start at $269.00 for round receivers and $329 for HEX receivers. I have 50 in stock.
Surplus TY 44 7.62x54r Carbines. Several in stock, Starting at $450.