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Terms and Conditions
                                           Gerry C. Haight, Firearms Dealer - Terms and Conditions

New firearms and accessories purchased from Gerry C. Haight, Firearms Dealer are warrantied by the manufacture and should be returned to the manufacturer  for repair/replacement. If the item was purchased from Gerry C. Haight, I will assist the purchaser with the return process. Used firearms are purchased as is, but may be still covered by a manufactures warranties, contact the manufacturer for assistance. I will assist with information and can provide assistance with returning to the manufacturer. 

New Firearms purchase from Gerry C. Haight, Firearms Dealer that were purchased from Davidson's Inc. come under a special warranties provided by Davidson's when you purchase a firearm I will inform you if it's source was Davidson's.   

Note: The apparent misuse of any firearm or accessory normally voids manufacturer warranties. This would include using no-commercial ammunition, wrong ammunition and neglect. 

All Class III transfers will be in accordance with the NFA regulations.